Honesty in todays economy.

It’s really all you have left. If you aren’t honest with all you do you will not survive (the market)! Or maybe you will through BS, but is it right? You may think it is as long as you make money I guess? It seems talk is really cheap these days. With the internet anyone can say or promote things that just aren’t true or they don’t back. And yet if it is on your computer it must be!? We all know the term “Walk the Talk” right. Well my challenge is for all my competitors who claim knowledge and “warranty” of the pool tables they service to BACK THAT !! Plain and simple. You say you will come back as many times to fix any mistakes,  yet you won’t make one trip out to remove a staple under the cloth??? That is not a warranty!

The BCA show was desolate this year. I assume that either most vendors have gone under or simply can’t afford the costs (why we only drive to the Vegas show every other year, my only vaca time). But again, Honesty is the key to being successful in the business. I talked with a handful of people there from service companies like us to retailers and suppliers and the one thing I was looking for was honesty. Tell me the economy has you down and show me you want business by adjusting prices to help us out in dropping ours. It is tuff right now for all, we have dropped our prices to special “summer” prices. I hear through the “grapevine” other seem to raise theirs to compensate for lost work? This is not honesty……………

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