You get what you pay for…….

It seems you just can’t get away from bad service? We get rid of (Or so I thought) one bad tech in SD only to have another move in from Texas. When you hire a service like billiard repair or billiard moving, your winning choice should entail when and how much but these should not be the deciding factors. Yes there are cheaper services than us…KEY word “CHEAPER”. Yes there are services that can come out today…only because they are chasing the jobs and probably weren’t working anyhow. What you really should be asking is: “Am I going to need to call you for anything after you are done?”….our answer….only if you need to schedule another service! In other words, we don’t have callbacks, ie. problems with our set ups or materials. In the last 12 years since starting ABS I can only recall one callback! And it was not like the table was loose or unlevel… I simple forgot to staple a pocket. But if for any reason there is a problem, we will come out and rectify it ASAP no charge! I have not worked 25 years inĀ  San Diego and remained here by having problems. So beware of companies from other counties and that have just moved to San Diego for a “Fresh start”. This usually means they have destroyed many tables and their reputation in there original town. So beware the guy on the phone who tells you all the things you want to hear, promises they often can’t deliver on. We do not tell you “what you want to hear”, we give you honest straight answers. Here is what are customers have to say about it. an independent review site. Unlike YELP (ABS has 20+ positive reviews on yelp. All but 1 are filtered? To keep it real?) this site (Ikarma) does not remove ANY reviews.

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