Bloggers on this site……Feedback is wanted!

Hi Paul here. If you were wondering what the site is for……..Well it was a test at first. I had an extra domain name and pointed it to my main site American Billiard Service and decided to make it a blog instead. Now after a year or so I see I have 30 + subscribers. And quite a few spammers I have booted! He-he!!

Speaking of being BOOTED. You may be sent an email asking why you signed up, if no answer is returned………Bye Bye!

So I was wondering why did you all sign up for?

What would you like to see here?

Why don’t the people with power to post do so? (Anyone signed up before Jan 2009)

Does anyone without the power to post want to?

And where are all these weird email addresses from???

Give me feedback PLEASE!!!                  

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