Bumpers the rebound relationship.

I spoke on bumpers before when Family Billiards closed and we saw some of our competitions work. As I stated before, This is not an easy process and should NOT be done in the field (On the job). Here are a few reasons why. Rushed leads to mistakes, rails and players don’t tolerate these. Poor glue doesn’t work !!

These pictures are from FBC as I was taking the tables down.

Bad facing.

Loose rail.

Boasting about bad work?

You never know?!

               We had a recent customer with a 9′ table that needed to be moved out. What happened? Well they needed more light in the corner of the room next door, nothing major just a small Can light. What does this have to do with the 9′ pool table in the room adjacent you may ask? It seems the electrician while climbing into attic space over the area he was working, inadvertently stepped on the fire safety sprinkler system. He stated within minutes the ceiling above the room he was working in collapsed from the water and flooded half the house! This was no small house either. When the client arrived the electrician was in tears on the driveway. Not only from pain of falling through the ceiling, but the agony of knowing the massive damage one simple slip of the foot did to these innocent  peoples lives.

               Luckily for the client they used a licensed and insured electrician. All the damage caused by the electricians simply slip of his foot is being paid for by his insurance company. But this does not take into account the horrible act itself and the time needed to repair and recover, MONTHS!

               Now we definitely won’t be crawling through your attic with a pool table. LOL !! My point is that one small slip into a wall or car with a 220 pound or 1pc (440+)  piece of slate does quite a bit of damage. Trust me I know. Yes I have run into something – ONCE! That is why we are trained professionals who carry insurance. Yes we are good, but we are not stupid!

               So if you are considering a service of your pool table, especially a move. Why take the chance to save a few dollars and hope for the best?? ALWAYS use a licensed and insured company to move your pool table. Few things go wrong with moving pool tables (when performed by true pro’s), but when they do………It can go really wrong – really quickly. Make sure you’re and your pool table are covered! American Billiard Service of San Diego.


Buying a used pool table?

Many people call and ask what to look for when buying a used pool table. There are many factors you should consider when buying a used table. The first thing to consider and most common question is: What size pool table can I fit in my house? <——Click on the link to view a simple chart explaining room size and cue length’s. Aside from that the main things you want to look for is overall condition. Are there any major gouge’s in the wood or rails? Are the pockets in good condition?Are there holes or stains in the cloth? If you would like a more detailed insight into what to look for when buying a used pool table. <——Click the link!