Bumpers the rebound relationship.

I spoke on bumpers before when Family Billiards closed and we saw some of our competitions work. As I stated before, This is not an easy process and should NOT be done in the field (On the job). Here are a few reasons why. Rushed leads to mistakes, rails and players don’t tolerate these. Poor glue doesn’t work !!

These pictures are from FBC as I was taking the tables down.

Bad facing.

Loose rail.

Boasting about bad work?

End of an Era…….Family Billiards closes it’s doors for the last time.

                It is official. Family Billiards of Oceanside is CLOSED! As of 4/29 it is no more. Buddy and his family are all ok,  as is Matt and the rest of the staff. The problem is the mall owner getting greedy in tough times. Shame to see years of hard work to build a reputable business gone in an instant, due to one persons greed. So Buddy can now retire I suppose………

The tables have been disassembled and move to a warehouse in San Marcos for sale. If you are interested in buying a piece of the history here, contact Gary at 760-497-5531. The tables ALL need new cloth and most need new bumpers also. But otherwise it is a great deal for a classic pool hall table, the 9′ Brunswick Gold Crown III.

Touching on the bumper issue for a moment. I’d like to explain how this is not a proccess to be done on-site by ANY tech ! First you strip the rails as normal, but then you must remove old rubber. Which in some cases is so solid you need special tools to remove, not to mention the powdery dust it turns into and gets all over. Then you must prep the rail face for new rubber, best done on sander of some style. Again dust issue. Next is glue….need I say more. The smell and it should dry at least an hour or more before cutting !!! I like to dry it for 24 hours. Then cutting pocket angles, more sanding, glueing and cutting. This is NOT A JOB TO BE RUSHED THROUGH. Some of the tables had the rubber done by another local company…..not good. They were almost ALL coming off the rails. The facings were all cut wrong, it was simply a horrible job! I should have some photos to follow soon…………